The 10 Best Revelations From Big Boi's Reddit AMA PH1L1PN33

Rapper shares a Tupac story, his Waffle House diet and more

Earlier today, Big Boi participated in a rather enlightening Reddit AMA, where fans piled on questions that ranged from how he likes to spend Sunday afternoons to the current state of hip-hop. The rapper is currently recovering from a knee injury, but returns to action on September 20, when his "Shoes for Running Tour" with Killer Mike kicks off  in Atlanta.

Inside Big Boi's Hit Solo Debut

Here are the 10 best revelations we learned from Sir Lucious Left Foot: 

Tupac jumped through a partition to meet him : "The first time I met Tupac, we were opening for him in Ohio and he was pulling up to the hotel in a limousine, and he jumped through the partition of his limo and threw the car in park because the driver wouldn't stop because he wanted to holler at me and Dre. He almost tore up the transmission in the limo. Real life."

Music is a form of ministry: "It's definitely a form of ministry, music is, because you are touching people. And at first I didn't know what was really the purpose in my life was, and then it dawned on me. I get it a lot that my music has inspired people. It's good to know that you can touch people's lives through music, you know?"

He wishes he could play professional football: "I want to walk on and play for the Falcons, but I hurt my leg."

His throne idea was inspired by Alice in Chains: "Actually it came from my guitar player David Wild. He actually showed me as i came back from the hospital a video of the guy in Alice in Chains in a wheelchair, and said that i shouldn't disappoint my fans by canceling shows and pointed out that everyone still liked the shows when the guy was in a wheelchair. The fans love the dedication even more. I thought that was dope as hell. Plus it was good for fans to see me sitting in my rightful seat, my throne."

What "SpottieOttieDopalicious" means: "SpottieOttieDopalicious is Southern slang term for a girl that is superfine, bad, sexy, intelligent and jazzy all at the same time. I got one of those upstairs in my bed."

Favorite place to eat in Atlanta: "My mother's house"

On working with George Clinton: "We called the mothership and he beamed himself down to the studio. There was no sample for Fo Yo Sorrows. I work with George because he fits the song. And we don't like using samples because we like creating original music. It organically happened be cause we liked to create new music. Its easy to go out and sample a whole album. We can do that in 3 days."

The hip-hop industry has changed: Well when we first started the South was trying to gain respect and it was about lyricism. And it's not about who can rap the best anymore, everything is club driven now.

He eats at Waffle House pretty often: "Maybe two times a week. I just had some this morning."

He likes lazy Sundays: "Just really kicking back, watching football, hanging out with my son."

At the conclusion of Big Boi's AMA, he released a new video for "Thom Pettie" that features Little Dragon and Killer Mike.

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Fonterra products didn't have botulism bacteria after all, New Zealand tests show

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Dairy giant Fonterra's products at the center of a global contamination scare this month did not contain a bacteria that could cause botulism, and posed no food safety threat, New Zealand officials said on Wednesday.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said tests showed whey protein concentrate had clostridium sporogenes, which cannot cause botulism, but which at elevated levels can be associated with food spoilage.

Original tests raised fears the whey protein concentrate, used in infant formula and sports drinks, might contain clostridium botulinum, which can cause potentially lethal botulism.

"We sought additional testing at both local and international laboratories, seeking the most robust results we could get. Scientists used a range of methods - all came back negative for clostridium botulinum," said acting MPI director General Scott Gallacher. "(The) MPI has today informed overseas regulators of these results and we will be providing them with a full diagnostic report shortly."

The latest test results tally with Fonterra's own initial testing, which pointed to clostridium sporogenes.

The botulism scare triggered a recall of Fonterra products that may have contained the whey protein in a number of markets, from China and Australia to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It also prompted bans in Russia and Sri Lanka, while other countries stepped up scrutiny of the company's dairy products. Fonterra said on Wednesday it resumed operations in Sri Lanka.

There was no immediate comment on the MPI test results from Fonterra, which controls about a third of the world's dairy exports, but the company had urged that the MPI results be released to counter negative market talk before the ministry statement was issued.

Fonterra shares were suspended from trading earlier on Wednesday.

Fonterra has said the contaminated whey protein concentrate was caused by a dirty pipe at one of its processing plants.

(Reporting by Naomi Tajitsu; writing by Gyles Beckford; Editing by Ian Geoghegan)

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Japan's Kanebo recalls cosmetics over skin stain fears


Japanese cosmetics maker Kanebo on Thursday announced it was recalling 54 skin whitening products from all over Asia after complaints they caused discolouring that does not clear up even after use was discontinued.

The cosmetics contain a substance called 4HPB, a synthetic version developed by Kanebo of a natural compound, the company said.

"Some consumers complained that they had white patches on their skin after using the products, and we suspect a link between the condition and 4HPB," a spokeswoman said.

A company spokesman later told AFP there had been 39 complaints from customers in Japan.

Of those, 15 had shown no improvement in their conditions even after they stopped using the products, he said.

The company has shipped a total of 4.36 million products in Japan and is recalling 450,000 that have already been sold to consumers, as well as all inventory from the domestic market.

It will also recall products on sale abroad. A total of 370,000 items have been sent to overseas markets but at present it plans only to recall items that are on sale.

The recall affects Japan and 10 Asian territories: Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Taiwan is the largest overseas market for the products, a Kanebo spokesman said.

"The problem was initially thought to be a type of skin disease, but there was a growing concern for a link to 4HPB" which led the company to recall the products, the spokesman said.

Skin whitening products are popular among women all over east Asia, with users seeking lighter tones.


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A lunchbox classic Organic Valley's delicious organic lowfat milk comes from the family farms of our cooperative, where the cows are raised on organic pastures and handled with the greatest of care. It's certified organic, as are all our products, to assure you they're produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones or pesticides. Ultra-pasteurization and revolutionary aseptic packaging give this delicious and nutritious beverage its incomparable versatility and freshness. Because they don't require refrigeration, our shelf-stable milks strike the optimal balance between nutrition and convenience. Look for Organic Valley 1 percent lowfat single-serve milk in individual 8 ounce packages, convenient 4-packs, and new 12-pack case


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Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables (Gray) New Product 2013

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management for power cords and charging accessory cables (Gray)

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This desktop cable management system that organizes your various computer cables while also keeping them weighted down so they don't slide off your desk when disconnected. This playful form, small size, makes it a product you'll love to keep on your desk.


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